Amenity land

The parish council are in discussions with the developer regarding the design and equipping of the piece of amenity land which Melton Farms have donated to the village.

Please click here to view the proposed design of the area.

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  1. Elizabeth Abbott says:

    I think that it is a great shame that this piece of land is being used for houses. It is called ‘Town Green’ for a reason – a green space at the centre of our village… The land given for the children to play on is no doubt due to the requirement for amenity land now specified in housing developments and is for those living in the new builds as the gardens are so small. There is no swing set or slide etc. What is the memorial going to be for? We have WW1 and WW2 memorials at St. James. Picnic benches are noted. Are dogs allowed? Will there be gates to the land to prevent small children from running into Long Street and being hit by the speeding cars/vans and tractors that currently whizz along it? Great Ellingham is being targeted due to its proximity to the dualled A11 and all the natural spaces – meadows and green pasture – which make a village rural are being viewed as lucrative and ‘fair’game’ to developers. Do these developers see the richness of our rural Norfolk landscape – our home – and its effect on the villagers and their families as important socially and psychologically or do they just see £ signs and then move on? Our village is being ‘suburbanised’ for commuters. It is so sad.

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