Defibrillator News

Life Saving Defibrillator in Great Ellingham

 The Public Access Defibrillator is located on the outside wall of the Methodist Chapel in Church Street. It was purchased thanks to the contributions of: British Heart Foundation; ChitChat Group and the Parish Council.

Thank you also to the guardians of the Methodist Chapel for allowing us to affix it to the outside wall of their chapel and to Martin Gent (MGB Electrics) who worked out the intricacies of the public access cabinet.

Using the defibrillator is very straightforward; not only are there instructions in the case but the defibrillator communicates with the user as he/she uses it. Do not be afraid, you won’t do anybody any harm by using it.

The Parish Council will be arranging some CPR classes soon. Please check The Ellingham Pump and village Notice Boards for details.

Thank you.

Tim Betts,
Chairman, Parish Council

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