Heating oil security advice

Norfolk Police have complied the following advice about preventing theft of heating oil:

Heating oil security

It is inevitable that some homes will be the victim of heating oil theft. We appeal for people to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police. The following crime prevention advice is given for oil tank owners

Keep your tank in a well overlooked position – this will ensure thieves are more likely to be seen

If your tank is close to your house make sure that it can be seen from your windows – this coupled with lighting will make it less of a target

Security lights can help deter potential thieves. Low level ‘dusk ‘til dawn’ lights positioned close to the tank should, in most cases, provide sufficient light to illuminate any suspicious activity.

Enclosing your tank in a building which can be secured is better still. However it is important not to overlook the importance of ventilation; advice should be sought from your oil company.

If you have a gate keep it closed and locked when you are out.

Make sure your perimeter fence is in good condition and is not easy to climb. Consider the use of trellis on top of any rear fencing to increase height.

Invest in a good quality lock. Close shackle padlocks are recommended as they offer better resistance to bolt croppers and other tools that thieves usually come equipped with.

Check your oil gauges regularly to alert you to any potential thefts and help investigations by narrowing crime times down. Many tanks can be fitted with a gauge to monitor levels which can be read inside the house.

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